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The Holy Land Incoming Tour Operators Association was established in the summer of 2005. HLITOA compromises 43 member Tour Operators working in the (Inbound) incoming tourism. The HLITOA members are the main source of tourism in general and pilgrimage in specific, which as well plays as an active private sector pillar for the Palestinian Economy bringing in foreign currency, and directing business to other tourism service providers such as hotels, transport companies, guides, etc; and creating major employment opportunities. There are many travel agents in Palestine who sell airline tickets (Outbound); however, these are not eligible to become members of HLITOA. Only Incoming Tour Operators are eligible for membership.

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Jerusalem known as Beit Makdes in Arabic and Yerushalayim in Hebrew, has been known for centuries as a center for three major religions...

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Church of the Annunciation - Nazareth

Church of the Annunciation - Nazareth, is the largest Christian church building in the Middle East. In Roman Catholic tradition, it marks the site where the Archangel Gabriel announced the future birth of Jesus to the Virgin Mary (Luke 1:26-31)....

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Jericho is a green oasis in the Jordan Valley some 30 Km east of Jerusalem, 7 km west of the River Jordan, 10 Km north of the Dead Sea It lies some 260 meters below sea level making it the lowest town in earth...

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Bethlehem City

As the Birth Place of Christ, the ancient town of Bethlehem holds a connection with Christians from all around the World. While small in size and population, the Town of Bethlehem and its surroundings have lots to offer to any visitor or tourists. At...

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Nablus or "The Uncrowned Queen of Palestine" as historians call it, is located 63 km north of Jerusalem...

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Damascus Gate

The modern gate was built in 1542 by the Ottoman ruler Suleiman the Magnificent. The Romans rebuilt a new gate at the time of Hadrian, in the second century AD. The Arabs call it "Bab el-Amud" - the "Gate of the Column."...

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Ramallah City

It is located about 10 kilometers (6 miles) north of Jerusalem. It is a modern city and is considered the unofficial capital of the Palestinian Authority. Modern Ramallah was founded in the mid 1500s by the Hadadeens, a tribe of brothers who were...

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Church of the Visitation - Ein Karem

Church of the Visitation, located in Ein-Karem on the slopes of a rocky hill and shaded by cypresses, is also known as the Church of the Magnificat (Mary's song in Luke 1:46-55), in commemoration of the answer Mary gave her cousin Elizabeth in the...

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Mt. Of Olives Pater Noster Church

Named for the "Our Father" prayer (Latin: Pater Noster), the Church of the Pater Noster stands on the traditional site in Jerusalem where Jesus taught his disciples how to pray....

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Ein Gedi

Is an oasis located west of the Dead Sea, close to Masada and the caves of Qumran. It is known for its caves, springs, and its rich diversity of flora and fauna. Ein Gedi is mentioned several times in biblical writings....

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EILAT is a desert resort on the shores of the Red Sea Israel's southernmost town. The astonishing fish and corals of the temperate gulf waters are unique in their color and variety. Twice yearly, millions of birds fly over Eilat on migration between...

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Mt. of Olives, Jerusalem

The Mt. of Olives is located east of Jerusalem, across the Kidron Valley. It offers a magnificent view of the Old City and a striking panorama as far as the Dead Sea and the mountains of Moab in the East. The Mt. of Olives is associated with some of...

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Church Of Nativity, Bethlehem

Is the oldest Christian church in the world. During the Persian invasion in 614 AD, while all of the other Constantinian built churches were being razed to the ground this Church was spared. Both the interior and exterior on the Church were renovated...

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Milk Grotto, Bethlehem

In Bethlehem the sacred area around the Nativity Grotto has been the focal point of all tradition. Nevertheless in Bethlehem a small Chapel has been for long centuries a devotional site. The "Milk Grotto" over which today a small Chapel rise, is...

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